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Monday Movin' Greece

Markets really took in some volatility today.

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More Uncertainty…Greece

The Greek vote was somewhat of a surprise to me, it was an impressive display of defiance against austerity, but looking at the markets action today you’d think a NO vote was about 50–50.

Hot in the City....DUK

Hot in the City….DUK

This is really when Summer starts

Sevens Morning Market Report

Sevens Morning Market Report

Good morning

Cut and Died...Greece

Cut and Died…Greece

That’s Hot USD (ladies and gentlemen, Greece has left the building…and you didn’t have to call the Psycic Hotline) Summer driving (counting cars, miles driven and money at the pump) The Walking Dead (I miss characters really dying) That’s Not Greece (Whoops there goes another rubber tree plant…) OPEC (decisions, decisions…) Summer trade (remind me […]

Technically Speaking - GDX... What's Up with Gold?

Technically Speaking – GDX… What’s Up with Gold?

The Market Vectors Gold Mining ETF is what I use as a proxy for the gold miners.