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A Little Wobbly Into the Close

We’ve got a lot of news to pack into the final minutes of trading, that’s for sure.

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7's Morning Market Report

7’s Morning Market Report

Good morning!

Thursday Coming Into the Close

Thursday Coming Into the Close

A very choppy day today as what could be expected from a strong down day the previously. Heading into the close with about 30 minutes to go, we’re seeing the Dow again give up what fleeting gains it had after lunch and we are slightly lower.

Market Faded

Market Faded

Markets faded away into the afternoon.

Heading Into Monday's Close

Heading Into Monday’s Close

Gains are feeling a bit fleeting as we head into the close of business this Monday morning.

Friday Rally

Friday Rally

The stock market is heading in for the weekend in the green for the week.

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  • Bridge for Sale

    Bridge for Sale

    Flex Shot, Roto Oven and “oversupply of oil”…they all get way too much air time.

  • Mommy!


    It only goes up.

  • Tread Lightly

    Tread Lightly

    That’s Hot Saudi military strike (they jut wanted to shake off the rust) Gasoline (and so goes the fears of oversupply) Lollapalooza (Paul McCartney and Metallica…OK)   That’s Not US oil production (great, we slow down and the ME falls apart) Cushing (PADD 3 up, PADD2 down) One Direction (down)   Carry a big ship. […]

  • King of Oil

    King of Oil

    Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

  • Miss Me?

    Miss Me?

    That’s Hot Refinery production (almost ready to ramp those refineries up and kick up global warming a few degrees) Germany (for every winner there’s Greece) Mad Men (not a TV story about Oil Bears)   That’s Not US Fracking regs (no more “it’s like water” chemicals ) US Dollar (it’s good to be King…sometimes) DWTS […]

  • Friday Fails

    Friday Fails

    The week has been full of failures, let’s review the ones we missed.

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