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Friday Faded China Rally

The stock market popped at the open this morning on the back of two news stories.

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More on  Oil...

More on Oil…

We continue to believe crude is putting in its low for the year (or we have a serious problem as far as the market goes if history is any guide.

Time to Buy XLE?

Time to Buy XLE?

Time to Buy XLE? Fundamentally, the outlook for oil remains broadly the same: Waiting on OPEC. But, as we discussed earlier this week, most major energy companies are not aggressively shutting in aggregate production, as increases from profitable wells are offsetting shut-ins from high-cost wells. From a macro standpoint, pressure is mounting on OPEC, the […]

7's Morning Market Report

7’s Morning Market Report

  Futures are sharply higher this morning and Europe is outperforming on surprise stimulus from China’s central bank and hints of more stimulus from the ECB. Asian stocks rose modestly after China’s central bank (PBOC) surprisingly cut interest rates o/n, hoping to stimulate the stagnant economy. In Europe, Mario Draghi again forcefully hinted the ECB […]

Where Are We Going S&P 500?

Where Are We Going S&P 500?

I have to admit that I like the fact that we are taking a breather here in the S&P 500.

Well There's That… SCI

Well There’s That… SCI

Sometimes the holidays are a little more than we expected

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  • Chicken/Egg


    That’s Hot China (cut the rate and stimulate) OPEC (it’s not about what you give, it’s about who will take) Taylor Lianne Chandler (well at least Michael Phelps thinks she’s hot…err, he…err, she)   That’s Not North Sea (and now it’s time to say goodbye to all our family…M-I-C…) Holiday trading (the longest short week) […]

  • I Go Pogo

    I Go Pogo

    That’s Hot China (keep building oil storage) OPEC (with great power comes great price responsibility) Chris Hemsworth (congrats on the People award…I guess coming in 26th isn’t so bad for me)   That’s Not China (PMI 50.0…and then there’s shrinkage) OPEC (maybe it’s best if you make it a week long meeting) The Hunger Games […]

  • Nice Try

    Nice Try

    That’s Hot Nat Gas (cold, snow…go figure that winter works) Russia (everybody plays nice with crude oil at $75) Jimmy Fallon (at this point I want him to lead OPEC too)   That’s Not Keystone (such a coincidence it rhymes with “postpone”) OPEC (when you wish upon a star…) Bill Cosby (plenty of room for […]

  • Who Knew?

    Who Knew?

    That’s Hot Keystone (uh, we wouldn’t be exporting what we’re importing) Diesel demand (you can’t shop for what’s not in the stores) NYC (turning Pier 55 into a park really is a fantasy)   That’s Not US oil exports (the time has come to make some…money) OPEC (no thanks for giving…) Ken Takakura (outside Sonny […]

  • Stop and Go

    Stop and Go

    That’s Hot WTI (and Brent begins it’s farewell tour) US Dollar (you can’t stop it, you can only try to contain it) Interstellar (and everyone laughed when the National Enquirer said there was oil on the Moon)   That’s Not Shale oil (we finally come to a tipping point) OPEC (wait, we really have to […]

  • I’d Buy That for a Dollar

    I’d Buy That for a Dollar

    That’s Hot Russia (slowly becoming OPEC’s biggest threat) US Dollar (the Champagne of Currencies) Ash Williams (the good never die…well not more than twice)   That’s Not Refinery margins (they are good, but come on, it can’t be this easy) Brent (really, someone still buys this crude) Bill Cosby (pulling back the curtain on the […]

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