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Technically Speaking - X

CLF and X were great trades for us earlier in the year. CLF is iron ore and X is steel, the main product of iron ore, so both stocks should blaze a similar trail.

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Technically Speaking - IBB

Technically Speaking – IBB

Biotechs were flying high until we stepped up (or down the way this media coverage has been showing) into this next stage of the election.

Technically Speaking - KBE

Technically Speaking – KBE

It’s a Banking day as we look at EPS from C, WFC, and JPM.

The Price of Oil is Right

The Price of Oil is Right

Everything has it’s price.

Technically Speaking - SPG

Technically Speaking – SPG

I was asked about REITs yesterday and so I thought I’d look at one of the biggest REITs out there, SPG.

Sevens Morning Market Report

Sevens Morning Market Report

Good morning!