Andrew B., Real Subscriber Testimonial: Before I signed up, I had NO IDEA how vital this level of information could be. Now, I almost exclusively make my moves based on the updates you post. Nothing feels better when I see a report on CNBC for something you guys told me two days earlier. My family and I can't express our gratitude for this service. Simply Fantastic.

Michael W., Real Subscriber Testimonial: I had tried the Paid newsletters of other sites like TheStreet (real money pro) and Motley Fool, and all I was getting was a couple stock picks per month and lame insights. I SO much prefer the real time posts and ideas that your Trading Floor experts update to the site. Not only is it WAY more relevant information, but it isn't full of the constant self-promotion of the other sites. It's pure, money-making ideas in a format that teaches you to THINK like a real earner in the markets. I am killing it now thanks to you.  I strongly encourage my colleagues to subscribe.  My clients are thrilled with the increases I've shown them since joining your service.

So exactly what IS the service that these subscribers are so crazy about?

We are a group of financial managers, traders, stock advisers, and industry experts.  Some of us you know from TV and some you know from financial newspapers like the Wall Street Journal.

Our service is very simple. Throughout the trading day, we are constantly updated with VERY timely information from our contacts. Additionally, our team of researchers and analysts come across key, hard-to-find pieces of information that can be invested upon.  Much of the research we get is ONLY given to institutions with over $100 Million in play.   As the day goes by, we post these ideas and pieces of information to the "Trading Floor" section of our blog.  ONLY subscribers can read this information.

On top of that, we post our latest ideas in the "Best Ideas"  area.   It's ALMOST like a portfolio, but is a general idea of the stocks or investments we are holding and have sold.  Some of the posts we make during the day reflect the investments that are usually seen in the idea tracker.

What do you get with your subscription?

You get access. Plain and simple. Info straight from the world's exchanges. You have direct access to what institutional trading desks and hedge fund managers are thinking and doing. NOT, what a bunch of financial journalists or ex-money managers THINK you should do.

You will be able to read the posts that our insiders make every day, and you will be able make your investments based on that info. The advantage you gain over the general public is IMMENSE. You will literally be getting info straight from the trading floors, and the Priviledged research we get.  This is as close to being an insider on the trading floor of a major exchange as you can get, when it comes to hearing the buzz on the street.

The posts we make are categorized for your ease of use, into one of our 3 main categories:   The Trading Floor, Technically Speaking, and the Carl Larry Report.

It is very common to read a post in the Trading Floor members section, only to hear "Breaking news" on CNBC or Bloomberg discussing it several days later.  You literally are days ahead of the investors who rely on TV or newspaper / internet reporting to make decisions.  When a new post is made, you will get an email alerting you. Or, like many of our readers, you can stay glued to our site, waiting for the next gem to be posted.

BONUS: To all of the Platinum Members who subscribe to the Platinum Service, you ALSO get for FREE, access to the daily Seven's Report, which is institutional level, independent analysis of the macro-economic landscape as well as profitable trade and investment ideas across all markets: Equities, Commodities, Bonds, and Currencies.

We put our Money where our Mouth is.

For $80 per month, which is billed quarterly, you get all the insider access and profitable information of the "Trading Floor" and "Technically speaking" sections and our managed model portfolio, PLUS the Futures trading newsletter from Carl Larry (normally $39 a month extra). On TOP of that, you also get the Sevens Report. We realize that most investors are savvy, and that is why we let you get Free Access for 14 days before you pay anything. You will make more than the monthly subscription price JUST from the info you get during the free trial. If for some crazy reason you don't... just cancel your membership before the 14 days passes, and you will never be billed. But after 14 days, you won't DARE cancel... almost nobody does.

How do I manage my subscription?

It is very simple. After you register for your free 14 days of access, you will be emailed your username and password. With that, you can login to the site and read all the updates and insider posts to the member's area of our site. From the members' dashboard (when you first log in), you will have the ability to cancel your subscription, change your profile, update your billing info and more.  You really have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Sign up for the Free 14 days of access and see for yourself BEFORE you buy, just how valuable this information can be.

Anyone who can't profit at least the cost of the monthly membership can simply request a refund.  However, we KNOW that anyone with access to this kind of timely information can't help but make money.  We have a 99% renewal rate on our subscription service.

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